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Aave Grants DAO

Welcome! If you're looking to learn more about or apply to Aave Grants, you're at the right place.


What is Aave Grants DAO?

Aave Grants DAO is a community grants program focused on growing the Aave ecosystem through funding the best ideas, projects, and teams while contributing to the protocol and wider ecosystem.

What are the different grant categories?
  1. Applications and integrations is a category for teams building an application on top of or integrating any aspect of the Aave protocol into their project.
  2. Code audits is a category for applicants that have built an integration or application on top of or using Aave protocol in some way and are looking for funds to help specifically with code audit costs.
  3. Committees & DAOs that serve Aave’s ecosystem is a category for start-up teams looking to contribute to the Aave ecosystem longer term or one-off initiatives that benefit the ecosystem (past examples would be Chaos Labs, Llama, Flipside Crypto, Butter).
  4. Community (marketing and educational) is a category for community and educational applications focused on growing the Aave ecosystem via courses, podcasts, newsletters, videos, or any other related means.
  5. Developer tooling is a category for teams building developer tooling or any related software infrastructure directly beneficial to developers building on Aave.
  6. Events / Hackathons / Sponsorships is a category for applications from any large to small event organizers looking to partner with or be sponsored by AGD.
  7. Protocol development is a category for applications looking to contribute or assist in the development of the Aave protocol in some way (these applications usually require more context and existing connections within Aave DAO, AGD does not facilitate this).
  8. Other is a category for any application that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories but still contributes to the Aave ecosystem directly in some way.
What is the connection between the team that built Aave protocol and AGD?

Aave Companies built Aave protocol and is a core contributor to the Aave DAO. Aave Grants was established after the formation of the Aave DAO and the protocol was decentralized to the community. We are funded through the Aave DAO governance process. You can think of Aave Grants DAO as a sub-DAO of the larger Aave DAO. Since being established, we have made three renewal proposal posts viewable here → (renewal 1, renewal 2, and renewal 3)

Where can I submit a grant application?

We accept rolling applications throughout the year on our website.

Any deadlines or cohorts to keep in mind?

There are no cohorts or application deadlines. We review applications on a rolling basis and announce new grantees once a month.

Can I apply for a grant to build on Lens?

Not through Aave Grants. Lens was built by Aave Companies and they have a separate grants program and application process.

I am still waiting to hear back on my application, when can I get an update?

If you search your email for ‘Congratulations & AGD Next Steps’ then you can confirm that your application has been received. If you have not heard back after 1 month then you can request an update through the Aave Grants Telegram channel.

Will I hear back if my application is rejected?

Yes, you will hear back either way if your application is successful or not.

Is there an RFP list I can browse and tackle?

Not traditional/explicit RFPs. We focus more on supporting organic builders/bottom-up innovation - see our Inspiration for Builders page or our recently released Requests for Grants page.

Where can I find the AGD logos? AGD branding guidelines.

All the AGD Logo can be found in the following public Figma link and downloaded in your preferred format

Please use the ‘Aave Grants DAO’ branding (not Aave) and tag @AaveGrants on Twitter or Lens when sharing anything related to the grant.

One of the ideas listed on the website is aligned with what I am building, should I apply through the same form as a standard grant?

Yes! The application process is the same, and you can indicate that it is in response to an idea listed on the website.

We are still waiting to hear back on our application but have made a ton of progress - can we update our proposal?

Once applications are submitted they cannot be edited. Please share any updates if you move on to the interview stage or if your application is not successful you can include them in an updated application.

My grant was milestone based, how do I follow up once a milestone has been reached?

You can fill in the form available at 📋 Claim subsequent payments! to notify us of your progress and claim further tranches of your grant!

CONTACT US: Twitter and Discord (#💰grants).