Request for Grants

The following is an overview of three different ‘Requests for Grant Proposal’ (RFG) that will act as a pilot program for Aave DAO. The goal is to direct builders to apply for grants in high-impact areas. The RFGs are open to anyone including established teams and previous grantees. AGD also invites any community members to suggest areas that can be considered for future RFGs using the form below. Some points on how the RFG process will operate:

  • Teams will apply through our standard application form so applications can easily integrate into AGD’s existing system and data collection. An additional question will be added asking applicants to indicate if they are responding to an RFG and if so which one.
  • The RFGs will be announced in a governance forum post, listed on our website, and amplified across AGD’s social channels.
  • While each grant will have its own milestones and success metrics indicated, the overall program will be judged mainly on:
    • The number of applications received for each RFG
    • The number of grants awarded for each RFG

More details on the initial three RFGs are outlined below:

Have an idea or suggestion that you think should be an Aave RFG? Let us know here