What is this program?

🧭 Mission

Aave Grants DAO (AGD) is a community-led grants program that supports the growth of the Aave ecosystem by:

(1) Funding innovative projects backed by strong teams with creative ideas that benefit and strengthen the Aave ecosystem through products and initiatives which:

  • Increase TVL or other protocol metrics
  • Expand the capabilities of the platform and utility of Aave
  • Empower the community with accessible and novel insights
  • Engage new users and enhance retention of current users
  • Grow GHO by stimulating demand, expanding its utility, and accelerating its transactional velocity


(2) Fostering a strong and inclusive culture around Aave. Aave’s culture leads to:

  • Attracting and retaining the best contributors, and
  • Encouraging the development of new and creative solutions to key areas in the Aave protocol and Aave DAO.

🔭 Program details

⚖️ What's eligible for grant funding?

Protocol development

Applications and integrations

Developer tooling

Code audits

Committees, sub-committees, and DAOs that serve the Aave ecosystem

Community (marketing and educational)

Events & hackathons