What is this program?

🧭 About Aave Grants DAO

Aave Grants DAO (AGD) is a community-led grants program that fosters community growth and innovation in the Aave ecosystem by serving as a gateway for teams building on top of Aave Pools or with GHO.

🎯 Mission

Empowering Aave's future growth by serving as today's gateway for contributors.

🏗️ What we do

AGD supports the next generation of Aave contributors by:
Funding innovative projects backed by strong teams with creative ideas that benefit and strengthen the Aave and/or GHO ecosystem. Products and initiatives can be aimed at:
  • Increasing TVL and other protocol metrics.
  • Expanding the capabilities and utility of Aave.
  • Empowering the community with accessible and novel insights.
  • Engaging new users and enhance retention of current users on Aave Pools on L2s.
  • Growing GHO through stimulating demand, expanding utility, and accelerating transactional velocity.


Fostering a strong and inclusive culture around Aave. Aave’s culture leads to:
  • Attracting and retaining the best contributors, and
  • Encouraging the development of new and creative solutions to key areas in the Aave protocol and Aave DAO.

🔭 Program details

The first version of the grants program was created after a discussion on Aave’s governance forum in May 2021. Three renewal proposals followed and were successfully passed by Aave governance with the most recent renewal in January 2023. AGD’s fifth proposal was presented to the community in September 2023 and after multiple iterations based on community feedback, the proposal proceeded to an on-chain vote in January 2024. The vote ended with ABSTAIN as the majority option. AGD is heads down further refining the program and focused on creating a path forward. Applications for developer grants are still open. If you’re building in the Aave ecosystem, please apply! We would love to review your application.