Community Resources

The following are resources created by the wider Aave community, to help fellow community members. The accuracy of these community contributions is not guaranteed, but we do our best to filter them. The official docs are located here: https://docs.aave.com/hub/


Aave V3 Landing Page - Walkthrough and explainer of main sections by DeFinfographics grantee

Overview of AAVE V3 new features - A step-by-step walkthrough by DeFinfographics grantee

Aave Grants Retrospective - by @sovereignsignal as featured on the Defiant grantee


Animated Aave Explainer Videos by Cryptoversidad grantee

The State of Grants in Web3 featuring Shreyas

Aave 🛠 New Frontiers for DeFi Builders by @DeFiSpartan - workshop for ETHOnline 2022 walking through building applications around a variety of protocol features including credit delegation, e-mode, and flashloans!


Custom Dashboards

Block Analitica | Lending market activity including Liquidations and Wallets at Risk grantee

Messari grantee

Chaos Labs grantee

Aave v3 Bad Debt Dashboard by Risk DAO grantee

User Retention Dashboards by DappLooker: Ethereum v2 | Avalanche v3 | Polygon v3 | Optimism v3 grantee

Personal Dashboards
Risk Dashboards

AAVE V2 Risk Dashboard developed by Gauntlet

Analytics Dashboard developed by Gauntlet

AAVE Arc Risk Dashboard developed by Gauntlet




Rabbithole grantee

Philand grantee

Layer3 grantee

Truts grantee

DeFi Teller grantee


AaveQL grantee