Increasing Activity on OP Aave V3 Pool


Projects that aim to increase liquidity flows and add new users to Aave V3 on OP.


The OP ecosystem, including Aave V3 on OP, is still striving toward its full potential. We want to help encourage this growth. OP has demonstrated itself to be a valued partner, having provided AGD with a grant as part of OP Stimpac Phase 0 which will be used to fund these grants.


We welcome projects that incorporate Aave V3 Pools on OP into their protocols to drive an influx of liquidity and increase the number of users.

Ideal Qualifications:

We encourage applications from teams that have:

  • Projects already live on OP who can integrate Aave Pools
  • High quality projects on other chains and are looking to launch OP and integrate Aave V3 in the next three months
  • New projects with innovative ideas to drive liquidity or users to Aave V3 on OP

Funding & Deliverables:

Applicants that meet our criteria may be eligible for a funding amount of up to $35k in OP tokens based on the difficulty in implementation and potential impact to liquidity flows or user growth. An initial milestone payment will be issued upfront to support the development phase. The remaining funds will be disbursed upon successful implementation and live operation of the product or strategy.