GHO Demand and Utility


Projects or innovative strategies that can leverage GHO to stimulate demand, expand its utility, and accelerate GHO's transactional velocity.


Following GHO’s launch, it’s success heavily depends on demand generation and widespread implementation throughout the DeFi sector.


The ideal applicant will develop a strategy that incorporates GHO to create demand, utility or boost the velocity. The strategy's success will be evaluated on how it enhances GHO in the following areas:

  • Supply: Does it stimulate the minting of GHO?
  • Velocity: Does it promote transactions involving GHO?
  • Retention: Does it incentivize holding GHO and/or sustaining liquidity positions?

Ideal Qualifications:

We're specifically interested in teams that possess established products or liquidity pools, which can be augmented with GHO. It's a plus if such teams can leverage existing community awareness and demand.

Funding & Deliverables:

Qualified applicants can receive up to $35k in AAVE or stables. To aid the integration's analysis and development, an initial milestone payment equivalent to 50% of the grant will be disbursed upfront. The remaining 50% will be awarded once the product or strategy is successfully implemented and operational.