Enhancing Governance Participation


Projects or initiatives that increase or enhance participation in Aave governance for individuals, voters and delegates.


Aave governance is key to the success of the Aave DAO and has seen massive growth since its inception. The Aave DAO has been a leader in governance with the development of cross chain voting, encouraging the rise of delegate platforms and being open to experiments such as paying delegates and shielded voting. The design space for governance projects and initiatives is still nascent as community members face challenges with things such as figuring out which delegate is best suited for them, understanding the governance process and keeping up with current activity and proposals.


We're interested in novel projects or initiatives that can enhance participation in or understanding of Aave governance such as:

  • Streamlining delegate discovery and engagement based on voters perspectives
  • Motivating participation from individuals voters
  • Increasing the number of high quality and engaged delegate platforms
  • Improving the visibility and understanding current governance processes and proposals

Ideal Qualifications:

We encourage applications from any teams or highly skilled individuals with a strong vision about how to enhance Aave governance. Extra consideration will be given for teams that:

  • Showcase an in-depth understanding of the Aave ecosystem and its needs
  • Demonstrate an openness and track record of conducting successful experiments in the DeFi space

Funding & Deliverables:

Applicants that meet the aforementioned criteria could be eligible for a funding amount of up to $20k in AAVE or stables based on the project's scale, potential impact, and proposed use of funds.