September 6, 2021 - The Next Aave is Aave 👻

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, August 30th to September 5th, 2021

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Covering: Aave Grants DAO update 🏗 , State of the protocol 📰 , Ecosystem 🧉 , Governance ⚖️, Request for comments 🗣, Mark your calendar 📆 , and Water cooler 🆒

Aave Grants DAO update 🏗

Listen in. Join us on September 14th at 4pm UTC for our next community call.

State of the protocol 📰

Up and to the right. Marc 'Chief TVL ATH Notifier' Zeller was busy this week with TVL leaping past $25$26 and $27 Billion. Marc also explains why Aave's TVL is quoted differently across DeFi tracking sites for any readers who want to understand which number is correct (spoiler: they all are). Aave also announced plans to hire a Head of People to bring more talent to Web3. Who wants to assemble a squad of Aavengers to build the future of France?

For more stats, cryptofees.info added historical fees accrued by the protocol and Alex dropped another in depth summary of protocol metrics. There are also growthgovernance, and treasury metrics to explore.

Ecosystem 🧉

Building. SacredNevermind2001DeFiSolace.FiBEN and the other grantees we announced last week are heads down to improve the Aave ecosystem. For any readers who want to get their hands dirty, Flipside Crypto released new data tools to help users solve bounties, and GoodGhosting is rolling out a super charged quest pool - complete at least two quests to be eligible.

Governance ⚖️

RWA and risk. The Snapshot vote from Centrifuge to add a real world asset market to Aave ended with support from the community. This brought up an important question, wen rwaaave? If you're wondering, yes this is alpha.

Gauntlet had two proposals on the go this week - AIP 34 was executed to reduce the liquidation incentives for ten V2 assets, and the community indicated their preference of a moderate risk appetite in a Snapshot vote.

⚡️🗳 Currently live on Snapshot: AMPL interest rate curve adjustment - read the proposal here.

Request for comments 🗣

Quiet. The governance forum had a quieter week as work is being done to update previous proposals like fixing the liquidity mining parameters on the newly added assets. One new proposal hit the forum: Add V2 Market assets to Polygon Market that are relevant to Polygon Network

Mark your calendar 📆

Aave Grants Community Call 4 - September 14th at 4pm UTC

#ETHOnline by ETH Global - September 17th to October 15th

Stani will be speaking at:

Water cooler 🆒

Loot. This might explain the quieter week on the governance forum 😅 Just remember, Aave is not going anywhere. In fact, Aave will be wherever Web3 is.

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