✔️ Completed RFPs

Offchain Voting

Integrate offchain voting (like SafeSnap) into AIPs to make smaller decisions (grant funding, maintenance changes) and/or implement “optimistic governance” where tokenholders can vote in a gasless way which triggers an onchain proposal if the vote passes. These “gasless proposals” would automatically be executed onchain if they don’t hit a ‘No’ vote threshold. The Aave Core team has researched this design and the grantee would work closely with them on the implementation.

Risk DAO

Form a “Risk DAO” to continually focus on risk management analysis, updates, and decisions for the Aave protocol. This DAO/committee would be responsible for the risk analysis of new assets / proposals, could apply certain protocol parameter changes without going through the full governance process, and would support data and risk dashboards for different markets. Ideal grantees would have a background in financial markets, risk, and/or actuarial analysis.

Governance UI

A website and newsletter for keeping up with the latest Aave governance proposals, new markets, new integrations, and growth metrics. The solution could have notifications when a new proposal goes to on-chain voting and be a source of truth for all queued and upcoming updates to the protocol. The ideal solution would balance being comprehensive but succinct to help inform the Aave community.

Treasury Management

Vision, IPS, and strategies to productively deploy Aave's treasury.

Aave Weekly News

Update on Aave community