Request for Proposals


Aave evolves and thrives on the contributions of its community. Feedback on how to improve the Aave Protocol is collected and presented in the Requests for Proposals below. We invite curious developers, finance gurus, community managers, and other Aavengers to take a look and apply for a grant in any of the following categories. This page will be updated periodically as grants are announced and new needs are discovered.

Table of Contents

Top Priorities

Governance UI

We want to build an Aave owned front-end for governance and voting. This would be a fully owned Aave solution: open source, Aave community owned on the Aave repo. It should be possible to draft, discuss, propose, and vote on Aave Improve Proposals (AIPs) through a seamless and intuitive website. A great web app would include features similar to Tally or Sybil, allow easy delegation of proposition and voting power, allow transactions to be queued and submitted by non-technical users, and walk proposal authors through the end-to-end process in an intuitive way.

Developers DAO

Form a “Developers DAO” to support core protocol development of the Aave protocol. This DAO/committee would be responsible for scoping, designing, developing, testing, and shipping new smart contract and wider protocol features, especially take care of operational steps (queuing/execution) for new proposals and development of autonomous proposals. These tasks could be done by the group itself, through bounties, contracting, and other novel ways of development, while maintaining the highest security and quality standards. Ideal grantees would have a background in development, Solidity, security, and a history of shipping dapps on Ethereum.

Apply here! or reach out to Corbin if you have questions. Let's get you working in DeFi! 💪

Short term goals of Developer DAO:

  1. Acquire great understanding of the Aave protocol and governance
  2. Support integrators and teams in creating/validating/submitting proposals (e.g. assets listings)
  3. Develop tools to support the Aave ecosystem and the community
  4. Handle the Aave multichain strategy, work with L2 teams to bring Aave everywhere

Medium to long term goals:

  1. Acquire deep understanding of how the aave protocol works
  2. Contribute and eventually take over the core development of the Aave protocol
  3. Propose, brainstorm and research new developments for the Aave protocol/governance

Stablecoin Growth

Build projects and integrations that bring more stablecoin deposits into Aave. New yield aggregation tools, ways to deposit into multiple markets in one transaction, and innovative liquidity mining projects on top of Aave are encouraged to apply. Also wallet integrations, fintech/ecommerce integrations, or TradFi connectors are encouraged if they meaningfully increase stablecoin deposits.

Aave Weekly Analytics Report

Week on Week reporting of liquidity and usage of the Aave Protocol to replace prior update. Can start as a twitter post and become its own website + interactive dapp over time. Can be produced using the Aave V2 Liquidity API.

Committees / DAOs

  • DAICO features to facilitate grant payments. E.g. Sablier-style streams with vesting schedules/cliffs/waterfalls that minimize gas costs


  • A simple website like SIPs to see all Aave AIPs in one place
  • Implementation of periodic updates of rewards, queuing/execution of governance-related transactions


We'd like to fund innovative lending projects building on top of Aave and accessing the massive pools of liquidity available in the protocol today. Some ideas include:

  • Innovative fixed-rate lending protocols or projects
  • Undercollateralized lending projects using DeFi credit scores, credit delegation, protocol-to-protocol lending, or other techniques.
  • Lending projects that use core Aave primitives like aTokens, credit delegation, or flash loans.
  • Aave integrations with leading wallets or fintech application
  • Lending protocols on other L1s or cross-chain bridges that integrate Aave into their core functionality


  • Credit delegation dashboard: marketplace for uncollateralized lending, built on top of Aave credit delegation. Delegators accept requests and monitor delegatees, while delegatees see their debts and repay over time.
  • Gas optimization techniques for new/smaller depositors
  • Flash Loan tool to transfer all your Aave positions to another wallet
  • Solutions bringing TradFi asset managements into Aave or Aave Pro


  • User metrics dashboard that is real-time and shows things like total origination, loan revenue, outstanding debt etc. (from Stani)
  • Aave transaction explorer
  • Custom Dune and Nansen dashboards
  • Dashboard for following the Aave DAO treasury funds especially since the Reserve Factor is collecting decent amount of funds across multiple markets and Polygon too
  • Data visualization on AAVE or stkAAVE movement
  • Tool to see how APY earned/paid on a loan over specified date range

Other / New Ideas

  • Custom Aave pool with NFTs as collateral support with ability to fractionalize
  • Self re-paying loans with yield earned
  • Solutions bringing real world assets (RWAs) into an Aave market
  • Aave integrations for:
    • Ecommerce sites like Shopify / Webflow
    • VR/AR platforms
    • Gaming platforms
  • Aave mobile apps, especially simple monitoring of positions with notifications
  • Dashboard to plot BTC funding rates alongside v2 borrow and lending rates over time
    • Could plot rates vol
    • Could look into correlation of USDC borrow rates and BTC funding rates

✔️ Completed RFPs