November 23, 2021 - Fireblocks AIP, Centrifuge RWA Market, New Liquidity Mining Program, and More

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, November 15th to November 21st 2021

For readooooooors, featuring coverage on Aave Weekly ⚡️Risk 🔎 , Aave Grants DAO update 🏗 , State of the protocol 📰 , Ecosystem 🧉 , Governance ⚖️, Upcoming events 📆 , and Water cooler 🆒

Aave Weekly ⚡️

The Aave Weekly Newsletter brings readers insights on protocol liquidity, income and other performance metrics.

The Aave Protocol closes week 47 of 2021 with $27.2 billion of liquidity:

  • 41.0% Utilisation, generating $9.5m of estimated interest for depositors
  • $331m of Flash Loan volume, generating $296k of fees for depositors
  • $17.7m liquidated, generating $1.1m of fees to liquidators
  • $859k for the ecosystem collectors now holding $34.2m
  • $11.8m generated by the protocol this week
  • With an additional $3.9m $StkAAVE, $2.8m $WMATIC & $8.0m $WAVAX distributedat the weekly close price*Polygon figures are approximated due to the Graph data being out of sync

Protocol Liquidity


Protocol Usage


Safety Module


Risk 🔎

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the Aave Risk Dashboard by Gauntlet at gov.gauntlet.network/aave. The Gauntlet team is particularly keen on iterating on this dashboard for the community and would love feedback via this Google Form.

Aave Grants DAO update 🏗

Community call 6. The next Aave Grants community call is December 7th at 4pm UTC on Twitter Spaces. Respond in the governance forum with anyone from the community that you would like to hear from!

State of the protocol 📰

Ecosystem 🧉

Governance ⚖️

On-chain votes:

Snapshot votes:

Upcoming Events 📆

Water cooler 🆒

Hello shipping szn. This time of year just got better.

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