Apply to join the Developers DAO!


Fill out the application below to apply to join the Aave Developers DAO!

DeFi Developer Role

Aave, one of the original pioneers of DeFi, is looking for the next-generation of developers to build and grow the protocol! By joining the Aave Developers DAO you'll write code that controls BILLIONS of dollars in value, level up your Solidity skills, be mentored by the most accomplished technical experts in the space, and become an EXPERT in DeFi protocols and L2s/sidechains!

Past Aave contributors have gone on to become founders of new DeFi protocols, CTOs of web3 startups, and are reinventing how finance and the decentralized web operate. 👻 👻 👻

What You Need

  • 3+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • Familiarity with Solidity
  • 2+ years of as front-end, fullstack, or backend developer (React, Node.js, ideally Typescript)
  • High quality and testing standards
  • Good documentation practices
  • A ridiculous passion for DeFi and ambition to become an expert

Preferred Skills

  • Good understanding of Javascript ethereum SDKs (web3,js, ethers.js)
  • Good knowledge of smart contract development tools/frameworks (Hardhat, Truffle)
  • Knowledge/understanding of cross-chain interoperability techniques (HTLC, bridging)
  • Knowledge/understanding of L2 technologies (ZK/optimistic rollups, PoS/PoA sidechains)