Marketing Portal

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Welcome to the Aave Grants Marketing Portal - this is where grant recipients can start the process of collaborating on marketing items with Aave Grants. Please fill in your project and Telegram handle, and select what you are interested in. There is a brief description of each item below with more details, including previous examples once you click to the next page.

Logo - Please use ‘Aave Grants DAO’ branding (not Aave) when sharing anything related to the grant. See our brand assets:

Retweets - No need to submit this form for retweets, instead tag us @AaveGrants in the post or send us a DM and we will retweet as soon as we see it

1. Grant announcement - Let's share with the ecosystem when you first receive a grant!

2. Highlight in Aave News (weekly newsletter) - 1 to 2 sentence highlight in the Ecosystem section of our newsletter | This is a quick and easy way to share an update or ask with the community e.g. a new feature, job opening, contest, or other announcement

3. Community call speaker - 5 minute speaking slot during our monthly community call on Twitter spaces | This is ideal for grantees who want to introduce themselves to the Aave community or have a bigger update to share

4. AMA - A standalone event between you and Aave Grants, typically hosted for 30-60 minutes on Twitter Spaces | This is for when you are ready to dive deeper into something like a release or proposal with the Aave community