August 9, 2021 - Gelato Summer, 🦙, AMPL Revamp, and BOND ❌

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, August 2nd to August 8th, 2021

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Keep reading for coverage on: Aave Grants DAO Update 🏗 , State of the protocol 📰 , Ecosystem 🧉 , Governance ⚖️ , New market watch 💹 , Mark your calendar 📆 , Aavengers in the wild 🎙 , and Water cooler 🆒

Aave Grants DAO Update 🏗

Bring on Gelato Summer. Aave users on Polygon can now kickback and relax with no fear of liquidations thanks to the launch of Cono Finance by Gelato Network. Cono Finance rebalances an Aave user’s debt position if it falls below a specified health factor. Shout out to @gitpusha and team who went from grant to product launch in less than one month 🤯


Treasury management 👻 🤝 🦙. After unveiling their Aave Treasury Analytics dashboard, Llama ended the week by sharing their Aave Treasury Management Vision, "to encourage innovation, accelerate growth, and prudently manage financial assets, while providing relevant and transparent financial reporting". The full post is comprehensive, covering portfolio construction, risk management, hedging, borrowing, liquidity, early investments, DAO alliances, productivity, and reporting.

Progress updates.Omni Analytics and JellyFi also share updates.

Call for developers. You can still apply to join the Developers DAO - your best opportunity to work for a top DeFi protocol.

State of the protocol 📰

All time highs. Aave's total market size is back to its ATH of 22 Billy. Adoption has compensated for the lower asset prices now compared to May, as evidenced by Polygon having twice as many active users compared to Ethereum L1.

More metrics. Check out:

Ecosystem 🧉

Request for bounty questions. As @Avimeyers announced on our last community call, Aave bounties are coming to @FlipsideCrypto starting August 17th! The team wants help from the community to source interesting questions that they can turn into bounties for their launch. Take a look at questions that have been submitted so far and add your own.

Aave accelerator. There are a couple days left for DeFi teams to apply for the 5th cohort of the DeFi Alliance. This is your chance to participate in an intense 6-week program, including an Aave-specific track that will help take teams to the next level.

Final deposit. Good Ghosting's saving pool from EthCC is in the final week. Stay winning friend, and make your last deposit if you are in the pool!

Aave Memes. The Aave meme contest is now over, with 12 winners and tons of great memes from the past month. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who submitted a meme 🙌

Governance ⚖️

AMPL revamp. AIP 26: Raise Maximum Interest Rate on AMPL Market, and AIP 27: Lower Reserve Factor for AMPL, each passed Aave governance. The sibling proposals are an effort to better align incentives and accommodate the high borrowing demand in the recently launched AMPL market. Despite both proposals passing, the changes were not considered ideal by everyone in the community and the full governance forum post is worth a read. Note the questions around whether raising the APY cap to 10,002% is high enough, given the history of AMPL rebases.

Market risk management by Gauntlet. AIP 29: Dynamic Risk Parameters ended up passing after Nay votes were leading the way for most of the voting period. Expect a full postmortem from @inkymaze now that the dust has settled.

Liquidity mining. The discussion in the governance forum on what the new LM program should look like is active. To recap, last month an AIP passed that extended the LM program to allow for more discussion on what a new program should look like. The four week extension ends on July 23rd, so the window is closing for the community to have a new proposal passed before the extension ends. Catch up on the discussion and have your say on the future of rewards on Aave.

Other governance discussions.

New market watch 💹

BOND ❌ . AIP 23: Add BarnBridge (BOND) to Aave failed, receiving over 250,000 more Nay votes than Yae votes. As the first proposal to fail in the Aave governance portal, there are several conversations and threads to dig into including:

Mark your calendar 📆

AAVE behind the scenes by Alex Berto G by @BlockchainGirls - August 10th at 1 pm

ETH Lisbon and rAA-VE II. Who is booking flights?

Stani will be speaking at:

Aavengers in the wild 🎙

Defi mass adoption. An Aave News would not be complete without a Stani podcast, this week a conversation from Ledger.

Water cooler 🆒

ETH for gas. Stani put the team on his back when just a day after suggesting the idea to "give gas grants to universities and protocol politicians to lower the barrier on participating actively in Aave governance", he took the initiative to fund and execute the transactions himself. Stani just out here building the future of France one tx at a time.

Learn more and join the AGD community: