August 30, 2021 - Fresh Grantees, Cross-chain Bridge, Real World Asset Market, and More

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, August 23rd to August 29th, 2021

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Aave Grants DAO update 🏗

Fresh grantees. Yesterday we announced the latest round of Aave Grants recipients. Congratulations to all the teams - we cannot wait to use what you build.

2001: Aave DeFi app | @2001eth

  • Web 3.0 mobile app for Aave protocol in React Native for Android and iOS. Potentially the first DeFi product fully decentralized both on the protocol and the app layers.

DAO Jobs Board | @derek_hsue

  • Creating a DAO jobs board which will be a one-stop landing page to find DAO contribution opportunities for anyone regardless of skill set - engineering, design, research, marketing, community management, and more.

Ecosystem Reserve Token Streaming Integration | @smsunarto

  • Integrating the ecosystem reserve to Sablier and/or Superfluid for easy streaming of tokens to contributors.

Delegate.fi | Petrovska Petr

  • Using credit delegation from Aave to maximize returns to users who have idle borrowable power using harvesting and debt derivatives.

BEN Aave Meta-Delegate | @BlockchainEdu

  • An initiative to enable students from any and all universities to participate in Aave governance.

Li.Finance | Zenk Team

  • Developing a mesh of cross-chain liquidity networks and protocols to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity accessible when needed

NFT Collateral Agreements | @keyko_io

  • Integrate Nevermined and Aave to allow users to collateralize their loans using NFT by creating OTC agreements.

Sacred Finance | @SacredFinance_

  • Using AAVE as a lending and borrowing platform to bring privacy to DeFi.

Projecteuanthe | 0xNovachrono

  • Creating Elara, a privacy framework allowing users to anonymously and confidentially interact with Aave contracts for loans or deposits and claim rewards if applicable.

Solace | @SolaceFi

  • For further development of Solace, a decentralized coverage protocol and insurance-alternative, that allows DeFi liquidity providers and market makers to hedge their risk in the event of smart contract exploits.

Community Call. Who do you want to hear from during the next community call? Have your say on who should be featured.

AMA with Centrifuge. Big thank you to @_schmitted@Offerijns@thedoctor_j, and @lucasvo from @Centrifuge for answering questions from the Aave community during an AMA last Thursday. The focus was on their recent proposal to add a real world asset market to Aave.

State of the protocol 📰

Cross-chain bridge. The cross-chain governance bridges that were originally unveiled by @lemiscate at EthCC are officially here 🥳 An AIP to test out the functionality on Polygon has been queued.

Liquidity mining. The new incentives program is live and now includes rewards for $LINK, $MKR, $xSUSHI, $YFI, $BAL, $RAI and $PAX. However, as @The3D_ explains, a key piece of the configuration is missing so rewards for the newly added assets are not actually being distributed. Expect a new proposal soon to fix the situation.


Metrics to explore.

Ecosystem 🧉

Flipside bounties. Dig into three new Aave bounties from Flipside and see what is possible with @0xTableau’s dashboard.


Save for the holidays. Two new pools launched on GoodsGhosting last week. There is a 50 DAI/month pool, a 200 DAI/month pool, and an accompanying NFT. At the time of writing, each pool had spots remaining for savers to join!

Governance ⚖️

Temperature checks. Two votes were live on Snapshot last week:

Request for comments 🗣

The following proposals have recently been active:

New market watch 💹

DPI check-in. Since launching on Aave V2, the DPI market has seen over $17 million worth deposits 🦉

Mark your calendar 📆

Aave Grants Community Call 4 - September 14th at 4pm UTC

#ETHOnline by ETH Global - September 17th to October 15th

Stani will be speaking at:

Water cooler 🆒

Bitwise. Just like all this JPG stuff, it's probably nothing.

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