August 16, 202 - Governance Rewards, Post-mortems, and Request for Comments ⚖️👻🗣

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, August 9th to August 15th, 2021

Welcome to Aave News 👻 A weekly digest to keep you updated with the ecosystem. Now featuring Request for comments 🗣, a section highlighting active Aave Request for Comments (ARC) to amplify awareness of governance conversations and encourage participation.

Keep reading for coverage on: Aave Grants DAO update 🏗 , State of the protocol 📰 , Ecosystem 🧉 , Governance ⚖️ , Request for comments 🗣, New market watch 💹 , Mark your calendar 📆 , Aavengers in the wild 🎙 , and Water cooler 🆒

Aave Grants DAO update 🏗

Progress updates. This week, @0x_kakashi from Symphony Finance, @DennisonBertram from Tally, and @realstevenli from Aave Liquidation Notifier drop by the governance forum to share updates.

AMA with Flipside. Analytics and bounties for Aave are coming to @flipsidecrypto and @GJFlannery19 is joining us on Tuesday to break it all down. Set a reminder and share any questions you want asked.

AMA with Flipside Crypto on Twitter Spaces this Tuesday, August 17th


Governance rewards. We are excited to start the process of rewarding active governance participants. Thank you and congrats to the first eight governance users who have received an Aave reward 👻🥳

State of the protocol 📰

Metrics. To dig into the protocol beyond top line metrics like TVL, explore:

Ecosystem 🧉

Attention Cono Finance users. Follow the prompts to upgrade your position to ensure Gelato bots protec you.

Rabbit come and go. The latest quest from RabbitHole and accompanying 1500 rewards for Aave's Polygon were gobbled up by eager Aavengers. Turn alerts on so you don't miss the next one 🔔

Governance ⚖️

AIP-23 and AIP-29 deep dive. @NateParton from Tally provides a recap of the contentious governance votes to add BOND as collateral to Aave V2, and to hire Gauntlet for continuous risk monitoring and parameter change recommendations.

AIP-29 post-mortems. For further reading on AIP-29, @inkymaze from Gauntlet and @Figue_me from Paladin share their takes on the proposal.

Request for comments 🗣

In an effort to better keep the Aave community informed of ongoing discussions in the governance forum, Aave News is adding a Request for comments 🗣 section.

Governance ⚖️ will focus on AIPs and changes to the governance process and tooling. Request for comments 🗣 will highlight active ARC in the governance forum. An ARC is an 'Aave Request for Comments' where the community is asked for their input on a potential governance proposal. An ARC is the first step in having an idea implemented in the protocol.

What else can we do to better keep the community aware of and engaged with governance discussions?

The following ARC have recently had active back and forth:

New market watch 💹

AMPL revamp response. The AMPL market seems to have responded positively to two AIPs that tweaked the parameters with utilization decreasing from ~100% to ~69%.


Mark your calendar 📆

Double feature this Tuesday, August 17th

#ETHOnline by ETH Global is coming September 17th to October 15th

Stani will be speaking at:

Aavengers in the wild 🎙

Behind the scenes. @A_BertoG joined @BlockchainGirls for a discussion on all things Aave. @BeyondCurrency provides a great recap for anyone who could not attend.

Water cooler 🆒

ASMP ASAP pls. The more Stani hints at the functionality of Aave's social media protocol (ASMP), the more I want it ASAP.

BSC fork. As @lemiscate says "You can't fork a community. But you should try to fork good safety practices."

Learn more and join the Aave Grants community: